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What is NJ Wealth

All about NJ Wealth | One-Stop Solution for all Mutual Fund Investors

What is NJ Wealth?

NJ Wealth is one of India’s largest mutual fund distributor, which was established in 2003, and presently has offices in over 23 states and 180+ locations. Their motto is to touch base with the masses to spread awareness and offer accessible solutions to build wealth, via a robust and selected network of financial product distributors, known as the NJ Wealth Partners.

NJ Wealth offers investors a comprehensive platform called NJ E-Wealth, that has a wide range of financial products and solutions, catering to all their investment needs under one digital umbrella. They stringently adhere to the principles laid in the sector of wealth management since the beginning of the financial revolution. Following the vision and mission of its founders, NJ Wealth pioneers in the need-based and right-selling approach that puts the interests of its investors first and foremost. They thrive by seeing investors build wealth and succeed in fulfilling their financial needs through the guidance of NJ Wealth Partners, who are professional mutual fund distributors.

How is NJ Wealth different from its counterparts?

Their flagship solution - NJ E-Wealth Account delivers an all-around experience and is simple to use, cent per cent digital and has dedicated mutual fund distributors to handhold investors along their investment journey.

1. Simple & User-friendly:

Keeps the entire investment portfolio neatly organised in one place, with desired reports and analytical tools at your fingertips.

2. 100% Digital:

The industry-leading paperless transactions and thoughtful features make its solutions super accessible and effective for anyone to use.

3. Dedicated Distributor:

Assign a dedicated mutual fund distributor to guide investors in understanding and making the right decisions throughout their investment journey.

Anyone keen on investing in mutual funds can open an NJ E-Wealth account in a few clicks.

Is NJ E-wealth Account reliable for mutual funds?

NJ Wealth has played a crucial role in the growth trajectory of the mutual fund industry since its establishment in 2003. It is a subsidiary company of NJ Group, a well-known name in the Indian financial service industry. NJ Group started its journey in 1994 with the establishment of NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd. Over the years, NJ Group diversified and emerged as a trendsetter in various businesses, ranging from financial product distributor network, asset management, real estate and insurance broking, to training and development, distribution of organic food products, innovative loan products and charitable foundation.

‘Trust’ is at the heart of all the endeavours taken by the companies under NJ Group. It drives them to build an inclusive community of smart investors and professional distributors from across the globe. As of 30th November 2023, NJ Wealth holds Rs. 1,71,965 Crore AUM and serves 28,75,369 happy investors via 33,899 active mutual fund distributors acting as their Wealth Partners.

The numbers speak for themselves, for how NJ Wealth’s investors have benefited over the past two decades. According to NJ’s internal data, 3,09,335 decade-old NJ investors earned an average return of 12.69% with a median of 12.73%. These figures stand tall as a testament to the benefits of investing in mutual funds for the long term.

For investors who are looking forward to building wealth for any of their financial needs, NJ E-Wealth is the best catalyst to start that journey.