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MF Investment - DIY or with a Mutual Fund Distributor

Mutual Fund Investment Dilemma - Do it yourself or with a NJ Mutual Fund Distributor?

Mutual Fund and Investment

Investing in mutual funds is the most straightforward route to building wealth in the long term. However, many feel perplexed about whether to invest in mutual funds via a mutual fund distributor or independently. Although the answer is a personal choice, there are some factors to consider before making this decision.

Read on to understand the aspects of mutual fund investment with or without a mutual fund distributor and how the process and experience can be enhanced.

Consulting a Mutual Fund Distributor vs. Doing It by Oneself

  • Need Identification

Imagine having the opportunity to invest but not knowing the correct approach to analysing future financial needs. These needs can be identified by considering and comprehending several factors. Now at this stage, an individual might need a professional to help find the prospects that will need financial backup. Mutual fund distributors are knowledgeable and help you in identifying and prioritising your needs, and in estimating the corpus you’ll need to fulfil each of them. One of the distinct values that NJ Wealth, one of India’s Largest Mutual Fund Distributor, provides on opening a free account is a dedicated mutual fund distributor to guide one through the financial journey. 

  • Assessing Risk Tolerance

The most important step before any investment is to evaluate the risk appetite one has. This is the capacity or tolerance one has to the possibility of financial loss. Some might like to play safe and be satisfied with lower ROI, while some might want to take higher risks to gain higher returns. Now this can be a tricky matter for people new to investing. Here, a mutual fund distributor’s presence can play a pivotal role in helping one assess risk-absolving capacity and make better investment decisions. And NJ Wealth’s platform can facilitate this professional guidance via their registered partners cum mutual fund distributors. 

  • Determining the right asset allocation

Right asset allocation is the key to financial success in investments. To be able to do this independently, one has to have the subject knowledge as well as practical exposure to understand the market and investment instruments well. Having a mutual fund distributor will automatically add these attributes to your investment story. They will be able to diversify your portfolio by doing the right asset allocation by recommending an optimal mix of funds across various asset classes. They rely on expert tools and platforms like the NJs to evaluate and adjust your portfolio from time to time. 

  • Personal Biases During Market Volatility

As someone who has put one’s hard-earned money into investments, it is natural to have an emotional attachment to it. However, this also makes investors like yourself prone to be influenced by these behavioural biases and emotions while making investment decisions. This can pose a risk to the entire wealth-building journey. A dedicated mutual fund distributor would handhold you during market swings and prevent you from making hasty, emotional decisions. By opening an NJ E-wealth Mutual Fund Account, you will also get access to several tools and features that will boost your confidence in the long-term results of mutual fund investments.

  • Market regulatory updates

SEBI regulates the mutual fund industry in India. To safeguard the interest of investors, SEBI keeps bringing in new reforms from time to time. As an individual investor, keeping a tab on all the new regulations while understanding the existing ones could be a cumbersome task. A mutual fund distributor, being a true professional of the same fraternity, would always do a better job at understanding and explaining them to you and their implications accurately. In fact, as an NJ Wealth mutual fund account holder, you will be regularly updated with news and market trends, as well. 

Don’t worry; this might look daunting but could be done as simply as ABC under the proper guidance of a dedicated mutual fund distributor and the support of NJ Wealth, one of India’s largest mutual fund distributors.This comprehensive platform offers a wide range of financial products and solutions, catering to all types of investment needs under one digital umbrella. So what are you waiting for? Visit to know more today!